Academic Intervention K-6

March, 2018
Kindergarten:  Students will practice identifying consonant sounds, and spelling simple 3 letter words using short vowels.  Students will also practice pointing to and reading words and identifying sight words.  We will read short stories and write about them.  This month we are spelling with the short vowels.  The new vowel is short u. 
Grade 1:  Students will read words with the soft sounds and with long vowel sounds.  Students will read short stories at their instructional level and write about them. 
Grade 2:  Students will identify words with r controlled vowels.  They will read a story at their instructional level and write a response to the reading.  
Grade 3:  Students will focus on the times tables.  Students will locate main idea and support with key details.  We will focus on informational text.
Grade 4:  Students will review for times table tests.  We will review the 6-9 times tables this week. Students will work on finding a common denominator and add and subtract fractions.  We will work on preparing for the upcoming state tests.