Spanish 7

On here you will find everything you need for Spanish 7!

Due 4/09/18-Table setting project

Due 4/10/18-Place setting odd questions and label pictures

Due 4/13/18-Comida categories paper

Due 4/16/18-Comida plural worksheet odds 

Due 4/17/18-Comida pie chart

Due 4/18/18-Comida monster

Due 4/20/18-Iron chef shopping list

Due 4/25/18-Cultural food questions pages 1 & 2

Due 4/27/18-Study & extra credit

Due 4/30/18-Extra credit

Due 5/2/18-Fiesta paper signed

Due 5/4/18-Fiesta food & food importance

Due 5/8/18-Menu project due

Due 5/9/18-Cinco de mayo worksheet

Due 5/11/18-Imperfect verb charts

Due 5/14/18-Imprefecr extra credit sentences

Due 5/15/18-Imperfect true and false & present tense

Due 5/16/18- project imperfect sentences

Due 5/22/18-Capitals and crossword unscramble

Due 5/25/18-Article review

Due 6/1/18-Frida Kahlo self portrait

Due 6/12/18-Final project due