Spanish grade 8

Due 12/1/17-Irregular yo worksheet
Due 12/4/17-Irregular yo verb packet
Due 12/5/17-Set up battleship
Due 12/6/17-Yo verb box worksheet
Due 12/11/17-Picture pasatiempo sentences
Due 12/12/17-Novios questions
Due 12/13/17-Irregular verb drill
Due 12/15/17-Study & extra credit story
Due 12/19/17-Crossword puzzle
Due 12/20/17-Transportation definition sheet
Due 1/02/18- Regents packet . No translator please!
Due 1/03/18-Mono packet
Due 1/08/19-Dibujar transportation sheet
Due 1/09/18-Study for quiz
Due 1/10/18-Transportation crossword puzzle
Due 1/17/18-Estar and emotion sentences
Due 1/19/18-Estar and ser story fill in
Due 1/22/18-Ser and estar chart
Due 1/23/18-Ser o estar y razon
Due 1/26/18-Ser y estar sentences
Due 1/29/18-Ser and estar project
Due 1/31/18-Ser and estar character paragraph & Study
Due 2/2/18-Extra credit crossword puzzle
Due 2/6/18-Seasons and weather chart
Due 2/7/18-Seasons and weather questions
Due 2/13/18-Culture and weather questions
Due 2/16/18-San Valentin poema
Due 2/26/18-Regents packet 2 and props for "la ropa" skit
Due 2/27/18-Skit & Cuanta cuesta worksheet
Due 2/28/18-Fashion show paper & Interesting clothes model
Due 3/2/18-Store add
Due 3/5/18-Create your own tienda
Due 3/12/18-Fashion show script
Due 3/13/18-Store dialog 
Due 3/14/18-Present to pat tense , odd number sentences
Due 3/19/18-Past tense questions, even numbers only
Due 3/20/18-Past tense song