Toddler Plus Mrs. Hassett

, 2018

Themes: St. Patrick's Day, rainbows,  Staying Healthy, Easter symbols Nursery Rhymes 
Basic Concepts:   sorting by color, 
Fine Motor:  tearing paper
Self Help Skills:  staying healthy, washing hands, using a tissue, staying healthy, going to the doctor and dentist, brushing teeth,
Religion:  We are saying our morning prayer and making the sign of the cross.  We are singing a new verse to This little Light of Mine.  We are celebrating Lent by doing good deeds. 
Math:  counting from 1-10 sorting, shapes,
Music:  We will be singing songs such as, The More we Get Together,  Ring around the Rosie, The Hokey Pokey and songs about shapes. 
Readiness:  continuous practice with colors, the shapes of triangles and rectangles, recognizing the first letter in their name.
Movement:  moving in different ways to music, following directions in songs, walking on a line