November Curriculum

                      Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Reading/Ela- "Wonders"
Unit 2; Let's Explore
Phonemic Awareness: Pp, Tt
R.E.D. (Read Every Day) Words
Week 1- like, at, top, up, stop
Week 2- cat, mat, sat, Pat, that
Week 3- it, sit, kit, hit, pit

Math- "My Math"
Chapter 4- Position
Above, Below, In Front of, Behind, Next to, Beside, Problem-Solving

STEM Challenges; Mayflower Ship, Dinner Table, Turkey Hideout
"Science Spin" Scholastic Weekly Magazine

Social Studies- "Living, Learning, and Working Together." 
Chapter 2; Hello, Friends!
Big Idea-Rules help us get along.
"Let's Find Out" Scholastic Weekly Magazine
Happy Veteran's Day, Pilgrims, Wampanoag Kids

Religion- "We Believe; God Made the World"
St. Francis, God Made Animals, God gives us Light, God gives us Land
Gospel Weekly; "Promise" Workbook

"Star of the Week"
Nov. 3rd- Ms. Brady

Value Award for September is Faith; Brody Fitch
                       October is Kindness; Emily Ortiz
Each month one student in each class (Kg-8th) is nominated for this award, recipients are honored during Value Award Assembly, date TBA.