6th Grade ELA - Mr. Samuel Clagnaz



   Welcome to Sixth Grade ELA!

  This year, students will begin to develop a mature academic writing style, become familiar with commonly used academic (Tier 2) vocabulary, and practice a variety of literary styles, including narrative, expository, and argument writing. Students will also read a wide variety of informational texts and literature.

  Sixth grade is a very unique year in a student's academic life. They are middle school students, first dipping their toes into serious academic reading and writing, which requires real adjustment.   It is also the only time until high school that students will learn about anything other than American history. Social Studies will permeate the whole year of learning, with ELA, Social Studies, and Art working hand in hand to create a robust Humanities curriculum.


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Subject: Middle School English Language Arts
Room: 223
Grade(s): 6