Spanish 7
**Test on 3/2**

On here you will find everything you need for Spanish 7!

Due 12/1/17-Pasatiempo pictures

Due 12/4/17-5 sentences for character card

Due 12/5/17-Study for quiz

Due 12/6/17-Cognate crossword puzzle

Due 12/11/17-Animal body part label

Due 12/12/17-Activty body parts list

Due 12/13/17-Body label in Spanish

Due 12/15/17-Define the body parts in Spanish

Due 12/18/17-Monster project due & study for test

Due 12/19/17-Crossword puzzle

Due 12/20/17-Ir verb worksheet

Due 1/02/18- Regents packet . No translator please!

Due 1/03/18-Finish regents packet

Due 1/08/18-Buenos propositos handout

Due 1/09/18-Label animal handout

Due 1/10/18-Animal dibujar

Due 1/12/18-Define the animals

Due 1/17/18-Study and project due Friday

Due 1/19/18-Project due

Due 1/23/18-La casa guesses

Due 1/30/18-Ecuador questions

Due 2/2/18-La casa project and study for quiz

Due 2/7/18-Possesive adjective flip book

Due 2/9/18-Possesive pronoun worksheet

Due 2/13/18-Possesive pronoun handout fill in

Due 2/16/18-San Valentin web-quest & extra credit