Spanish grade 8
* *Remember your presentations start on 11/20/17**

Due 9/8/2017-Please have your class contract signed. 
Due 9/11/2017-List the Spanish speaking capitals. 
Due 9/12/2017- Answer the questions in Spanish about the greetings
Due 9/13/2017-Translate the conversation 
Due 9/18/2017- Translated "me llamo" dialogue.
Due 9/19/2017-Translated "de donde eres?" dialogue.
Due 9/20/2017- Translated "numeros" dialogue.
Due 9/22/2017 -"Tener' questions and dialogue
Due 9/25/2017-Fill in "tener" into the sentences 
Due 9/26/2017- "Tener" workbook handout
Due 9/27/2017-"Tener" game reflecion questions 
Due 9/29/17-"gustar" translation sentences 
Due 10/2/17-"gustar" with pictures & "
gustar" extra credit 
Due 10/3/17- "gustar"with weather expressions
Due 10/4/17-"ser" worksheet
Due 10/6/17-"ser" questions
Due 10/10/17-Ser project & Exam 1 review sheet 
Due 10/11/17-Study for test
Due 10/13/17-Crossword puzzle
Due 10/16/17-Illustarted verb extra credit
Due 10/17/17-Dia de la hispanidad questions
Due 10/23/17-At what time is the classes worksheet
Due 10/24/17-Mochila questions
Due 10/25/17-Bellwork questions
Due 10/30/17-Four square & review sheet
Due 10/31/17-La escuela crossword
Due 11/3/17-Dia de los muertos extra credit
Due 11/6/17-10 preposition sentences and test corrections
Due 11/7/17-Choose partners for project & Preposition questions
Due 11/13/17-Preposition song
Due 11/14/17-Study for quiz
Due 11/15/17-Prepostion table worksheet
Due 11/24/17-Work on group project