Spanish grade 8
** Due Tuesday 4/24/18-Family tree project **

Due 3/12/18-Fashion show script
Due 3/13/18-Store dialog 
Due 3/14/18-Present to pat tense , odd number sentences
Due 3/19/18-Past tense questions, even numbers only
Due 3/20/18-Past tense song
Due 3/27/18-Ciencenita present to past tense
Due 4/09/18-Take home test & Ciencenita extra credit
Due 4/10/18-Comparative questions and sentences
Due 4/11/18-Comparative fill in worksheet
Due 4/13/18-Comparative venn diagram sheet
Due 4/16/18-Family tree project planning page & Finish Mateo's comparison sheet 
Due 4/17/18-Bring in family tree project materials