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    March 15 and March 17

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  •          March 2022

    Themes:  rainbows, weather, St. Patrick's Day, nursery rhymes, staying healthy
    Literacy::  following simple directions, recognizing colors, and shapes, recognizing their names in print, moving from left to right,  singing the ABC song, clapping their names
    Religion:  Singing to God,  singing Jesus Loves you,  Children of God, and This Little Light of Mine.  We will also learn about praying hands, praying before we eat,  and showing love for each other,  We will look for crosses and the color purple in our chapel.  We will do good deeds during Lent. 
    Science:  dental health, staying healthy, wind, rainbows 
    Vocabulary:  weather, temperature, teeth, green, rainbow, rain,  wind
    Math:  counting 1-12,  first. next 
    Music:  Hello song,  The Hokey Pokey, March comes in with a great big wind
    Movement:  walking, running, galloping, on the line,  moving to music and following directions, playing simple games
    Self Help Skills:  cleaning up after playing and after snack, sharing, saying thank you and you are welcome, waiting to have a turn, using a napkin, using good manners when eating, using a tissue, and disposing of it 

    Parent Place​​​​​​

    Our classroom is peanut/tree nut free.  If you are sending something in for the class, please remember to send in a snack that is peanut/tree nut free.  
    Our class cares for our environment.  Please send snacks and drinks in reusable containers.  
    We are being extra vigilant in keeping our classroom clean.  Any item that cannot be easily cleaned has been removed from the classroom.  All toys are wiped down with lysol wipes daily.